our story


our goal for the future


what’s on our plate ?


Meet the gang


our story

our story is about seizing opportunities!

Once upon a time, Fred Grimaud, a French serial-entrepreneur within the agri and biotech sectors, was trying to step back and think about the future.

He had this vision of transferring proven technologies from his current businesses to the food market.

He asked a scientist to explore his new idea…. and a few month later, with his friend Etienne Duthoit, they tasted the very first samples of cultivated chicken.

“OH MY!” the sample was so close in taste to real chicken! They agreed right away to create a company -Vital Meat- that would be a tech platform for any cultivated product.


eggs represented as a light bulb symbolizing the idea at the origin of Vitalmeat


our goal for the future

illustration showing the types of meat targeted by Vitalmeat

Become the tech-platform leader for cULTIVATED products.

Our ambition is deeply rooted in our mission to help reverse climate change. Given that the meat demand is very varied, we want to propose cultivated alternatives for every type of meat and seafood, starting with chicken.


what’s on our plate ?

Chicken, pork, fish… you NAME IT!

We are starting with a delicious cultivated chicken that tastes exactly like chicken, because it is chicken!

And because it is chicken….it also has all the great nutritional values that come with it: 9 essential amino-acids, B12, iron…

Spoiler alert! In the near future we will offer white fish and pork… stay tuned!


A food plate with fried chicken wings


our amazing team

Etienne Duthoit

CEO and Founder of Vital Meat – Our fearless leader! He believes everything is possible!

Olivia de Talancé

COO – Ex-Impossible Foods – “Scale-up fast!” is her motto!

Claude Rescan

Medium optimization and Regulatory specialist –  He is our culture media guru and never stops having new ideas to bring our costs down!

Severine Danet

Cell-line and cell-banking star – She knows how to talk to our cells. Also known as “cell-whisperer”.

Geoffrey Blanc

Process engineer – With his Mac Gyver spirit, he finds solutions to all our challenges! He is key for our scale-up!

Jimmy Baron

Junior Process Engineer – He is Mac Gyver’s best buddy and supports him in the execution.

Marie Dubois

Assistant Engineer – True to herself, Marie knows how to manipulate our cells gently. Without her our lab would be a chaotic jumble.

Manon Calais -Yager

Bioprocess Engineer – Manon is like a shot of Nespresso in our bioprocess team, injecting a burst of energy, what else ?